TWO Negative Reviews and Proud of Them

There’s no way to say it, “Autlantia” is making waves in the autism community, and it is not sitting well with people who don’t want you to know the best and worst attributes of people who do and don’t have an autism spectrum disorder.

Go right on to Amazon and see the negative ratings this book got and see for yourself whether or not you agree with them.

Just type “Autlantia” and you will find what you are looking for.


“Autlantia” is FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

“Autlantia” is FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Find out why bullies of autistics hate this book.

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One Negative Review, And Proud Of It!


One negative review, and proud of it!

Be sure to click on the LINK to find out what someone had to say about Autlantia.

Is it a really bad book?  Or is this book political commentary in fictional form striking a chord with certain people in the autism community?

No one likes it when a light is shown on what’s hidden in the darkness, but that is what this book does. People in the autism community have asked for a book like this to be written to expose the lies, hypocrisy, and bullying that takes place within, and Thomas D. Taylor has come through with shining colors.

Read it and see, if you have any doubts.

It’s available on Amazon in paperback, and as a Kindle file.

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From A Concerned Reader… About An “Autlantia” Review…

From a concerned reader…

I notice that there has been a negative review on “Autlantia” posted to your Amazon page.  As a member of the autism community, I find the review very disappointing. I was hoping that others like me who have been picked on and bullied by autistics in the autism community would finally be able to have our stories heard without prejudice, even if those stories are told in fictional form, but it seems like lack of empathy is the predominate attribute that autistics, or those claiming to be autistics, have.

Still, you and your book, are my beacons of hope. If we can only get these autistic self-advocacy organizations to understand how abusive some people are, we could see some real change.

I will recommend “Autlantia” to whomever I can.

Yours Truly


Autlantia is here!

Autlantia has been published!

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“A global organization of exceptionally brilliant, high-functioning autistic people has reached the culmination of its struggle to create Autlantia, an underground utopia that not even the world’s governments know about.

“Before the group’s members can start to enjoy the fruits of their labor, an opposing group of autistics attacks and overthrows Earth’s governing bodies and brings the majority of humanity to its knees.

“It becomes clear that these “Others” intend to legalize every heinous crime known to man, so that they can engage in their deviant and repugnant proclivities to the most vile extremes.

“The Autlantians may have to risk everything they have created and achieved to save the planet from this wicked and destructive evil, but can they do it before The Others use their ultimate deadly weapon?

Go HERE to purchase as a paperback, or HERE as a Kindle file.

104,000 words.